Unique Features

Easy to use

UI designed for most ages. Purchase medicines in just 3 clicks

Intuitive UI

The Pharmart Application has a very simple UI which is easy to use by most ages. Just a few Clicks and the medicines are delivered to your doorstep. We have tried to reduce the number of pages in the Pharmart Application as much as possible.

Most pharmacy products available

At Pharmart our database has a huge collection of medicines and medical products. Any Medicine can be found in our Application and would be delivered within minutes!

Quick delivery

At pharmart we guarantee a maximum of 45 minutes of Delivery! This delivery time would be even more faster depending upon the status of delivery boys with our partnered pharmacist.

Friendly customer support

At Pharmart we have qualified and very responsive staff. Any Problem of yours would be solved in seconds!!

Small sized app

The Pharmart Application is so small that it would not use much of your mobile space.

The best way to buy medicines online

With the world going digital, your medical shopping experience shouldn’t be left behind. Pharmart is the bridge between you and your health. We are looking forward to revolutionize the medical industry, one step at a time. Founded and created by engineers, we are looking forward to marry pharmacy with technology so that you get an immersive, hassle-free and money-saving way of buying medicines.

  • Simple & with endless possibilities.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Intuitive User Interface.
  • Super Fast Delivery.
  • Most Products Available.
  • Small Sized App.

How it works

At Pharmart, we tie up with physical pharmacy shops who have their own delivery boys. We provide a merchant app to the shop keeper. Our users have the Pharmart app via which they can order medicines. Once they put their address, all shops that can deliver to them are shown and the user selects any one according to their convenience. The order is placed and the shopkeeper receives the notification on his app and can update the status of order once it is dispatched or even if there is some problem with the order.

The order is then delivered to the user, within 45 minutes! We also have provision for the user to upload his prescription for validation to buy prescribed drugs.

Delivery within 45 mins

At Pharmart, we guarantee delivery of medicines and medical products keeping a maximum time of 45 minutes after your order has been placed.

Buy only from your favourite pharmacy

At Pharmart, we give user an option of selecting a shop of their preference. Our partner pharmacists are located in the radius of 2km from the user's location, so it will be likely for users to know the shops.

We have any product you may need

Our database consists of a huge collection of medicine and medical products. So now, instead of going to shops to search your products, you find them in one app!

Shops tied up
Happy Customers
Orders served
Line Of Code Written


The best medical shopping app for your mobile.

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